Theatres in Prato

Theatres in town


Fondazione Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana

The Fondazione Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana is a real permanent public theatre dividing its artistic activity in three areas:

  • Teatro Metastasio

Via B. Cairoli, 59 - Prato
Switchboard: (+39) 0574 6084
Tel (for information): (+39) 0574 608501 (+39) 0574 608553
Fax: (+39) 0574 608524
Website: *
Number of seats: 686

  • Teatro Fabbricone

 Via Targetti, 10/12 - Prato
Number of seats: 364

  • Teatro Fabbrichino

 Via Targetti, 10/8 - Prato
 Inside Teatro Fabbrichino is the company TPO (Teatro di Piazza o d'Occasione)


Teatro Politeama Pratese

Private theatre, run by the Politeama SPA which renovated the architecture.

Via Garibaldi, 33 - Prato
Tel: (+39) 0574 603758
Fax: (+39) 0574 445580
Website: *
Number of seats: 978


Teatro Magnolfi

This theatre is run by the Municipality of Prato. Besides, it is a centre for education, production and investigation in the field of theatrical art.

Via Gobetti 79 - Prato
Tel: (+39) 0574 442906
Fax: (+39) 0574 27 311
Number of seats: 98


Cantieri Culturali

Cantieri Culturali has many different rooms available for exhibitions, events, concerts and theatrical and musical rehearsal. .


Teatro Vittoria

The ex-cinema Vittoria, today Teatro Vittoria of the parish of Coiano, is a place where expression and spreading of culture create the occasion for gathering and sharing. Every year the theatrical season is animated by permanent companies and guest groups.

Via don Lionello Maiani - Prato
Tel and fax: (+39) 0574 052558
Number of seats: 100


Teatro la Baracca di Casale

The theatre is run by Teatro la Baracca since 1992. It has a little theatrical season and it is used as a rehearsal space for professional and semi/professional companies.

Via Virginia Frosini, 8 - Casale (Prato)
Tel and Fax: (+39) 0574 662930
Website: *
Number of seats: 65


Theatres in the Province


Teatro Gustavo Modena di Vaiano

Cinema-theatre, run by the Cinema Teatro Modena SNC together with the Municipality of Vaiano.

Piazza I Maggio, 10 - Vaiano (Prato)
Tel: (+39) 0574 988468 (+39) 0574 989218
Fax: (+39) 0574 988468
Number of seats: 346


For further information about the schedule of the theatres please consult the Agenda Eventi *


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