Associations and voluntary


In this section you can find information that help you to create and join an association and to invest your time in volunteer projects.



Association literally means 'An organized body of people who have an interest, activity, or purpose in common'. To join an association means to get together and share a common project.


The freedom of association as a part of the civil rights is enshrined in Article 18 of the Italian Constitution, which states: 'Citizens have the right to associate freely, without authorization, for purposes that are not forbidden by criminal law.  Secret associations and those who, even indirectly, pursue political aims by means of organizations having a military character shall be forbidden'.


The list of associations of Prato and tips how to form, to finance and manage an association can be found in this section of website /o:p>



Volunteering is an activity that is unpaid and takes place trough various sectors. It is more widespread in places like hospital and university.
However, there are new opportunities in volunteering such as work camps in Italy and in foreign countries.


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