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The work camps are a good opportunity to combine two key elements of the personal growth of each individual: solidarity and intercultural experience. Solidarity is because in a work camp you have the ability to help people and / or structures that need to grow or to go ahead and don't have large financial resources. The intercultural experience in a work camp is an excellent opportunity to share moments of life with people of different nationalities. Sharing the simple daily life inevitably leads to a confrontation of cultures and habits that only in circumstances such as these create a real exchange of knowledge.


A work camp is a volunteer experience in the short term (up to three weeks, with some exceptions), where you live and work together with a small group of volunteers; you will perform in a variety of socially beneficial activities in different themes (environmental protection, entertainment with children, activities with refugees). Each group is supported by a coordinator and work lasts from 4 to 7 hours per day.


In addition to offering a valuable contribution to the local community, the purpose of a camp is to enable volunteers to meet, learn, overcome prejudices and live together peacefully resolving conflicts through dialogue and mutual understanding.


Here you can find the websites of the various organizations that promote this type of projects:


Italian organizations that promote these projects


Lunaria is non-profit, laic organization, independent from political parties, founded in 1992 that conducts research, training and communication on issues of the solidarity economics and the third sector, migration and globalization, and promotes voluntary initiatives and international youth policies.

Legambiente was founded in 1980, it is the most widespread Italian environmental organization in the territory. It is recognized by the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea as an association of interest. It is recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an NGO for development.

International solidarity movement founded by the Abbé Pierre is present in the world with more than 350 groups in 4 continents. The Emmaus groups are organized into cooperatives to work or volunteer groups that support charitable projects in various parts of the world or collaborate with other communities and existing groups.

IBO Italia - Associazione Italiana Soci Costruttori*
IBO Italy - Italian Association of Builders - is a non-governmental organization, which has been operating the field of co-operation in Italy, in Europe and in developing countries since 1957. Its main activity is the training of young people through the experience of work camps in associations or communities that provide host activities.

The electronic journal dedicated to young people who like to travel and post travel report

SCI Italia - Servizio Civile Internazionale
It is a movement that presents in 43 countries around the world. Since more than 80 years, it has been promoting work camps about peace and disarmament, conscientious objection, cooperation and international solidarity, environmental protection, civil protection and social inclusion. 


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