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Punto Giovani Europa, Prato's Youth Information Centre, offers information and guidance services on work, education, travelling abroad, leisure time, volunteering. 

Contacts and opening times *

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On line information


  • Job offers 
  • Job applications 
  • Post your ad 
  • Youth business

Travelling abroad:

  • Studying, training, working, volunteering, travelling 
  • Eurodesk office 
  • Non-European countries


  • Competition database
  • Artistic competitions


  • Current courses 
  • Training grants 
  • High school and university


ERBA magazine
The staff of Punto Giovani Europa makes cultural information available for young people.


To find out more information please visit the web areas concerning Work and Training, School and University, Opportunities Abroad and Associations and Volunteering of the Portale Giovani.

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