Compulsory education


What is compulsory education?

It is the duty and the obligation to attend school until 12 years old or until the achievement of any qualifications by the age of 18. Students can obtain this qualification in high school, attending a professional training course or becoming an apprentice.

The students planning to stay on at school can enroll at any high school, according to their skills and perspectives for the future. In order to be aware of their choice, students should address to their teachers and to the experts they can find at Centro per l'Impiego (Employment Centre) or at Punto Giovani Europa that provide an educational guidance service.

Those who are not likely to stay on at school, after the two compulsory years can decide to give up school and enroll at a professional training course so as to develop technical skills that enable them to start working.

Those who give up school and are 16 or more can start working as apprentices.


Possible choices

  • staying on at school 
  • attending professional training courses 
  • applying for a training program 
  • starting to work as an apprentice

Further information:

Punto Giovani Europa.

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