Courses for your leisure time

The courses for your leisure time may start anytime of the year, but most of them start at the beginning of October and finish at the end of May or June. These courses do not offer any certificate, but only fun and an occasion to learn something new.


Associations of the Municipality of Prato organizing courses for leisure time



The different districts of Prato periodically arrange a series of activities for leisure time. All the activities are published on their websites. Look for them in the section Tempo Libero *of the Rete Civica of the Municipality of Prato.


Cantieri Culturali

The Department of Culture and Youth Policies of the Municipality of Prato provides courses, labs and workshops. For further information and details please visit the webpage Corsi e Laboratori *


Laboratorio del Tempo - Time Lab

The Laboratorio del Tempo * is a service of the Municipality of Prato addressed to all the city dwellers of the territory. The activity intends to promote all those policies that appease our time of living, experimenting the confrontation among genders, generations, different cultures, a perfect place for discussing strategies of individual and collective reinforcement, in order to improve relationships and promote a peace culture.
Courses deal with:

  • informatics
  • language and culture
  • dance
  • creativity

Further information about the courses


Further information about other courses are available at Punto Giovani Europa in the Orange board - Associations and Volunteering.


Useful links


Associations *
List of all the associations promoting leisure time courses.


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