Faculties and branches of the University of Florence


The University of Florence is one of the oldest universities and its origins date back to 1321 during the Florentine Republic. Today, students coming from Italy and from all over the world enroll at this university, composed by lots of different faculties both in town and in decentralized areas.

In Prato there is a branch of the University of Florence, the University Branch 'Città di Prato'.


Further information


For further information about services, courses and papers for the enrollment, visit the website of the University of Florence. To know more about the rules for the access of foreign students, visit the information page for foreign students.


Regional Agency for the Right to University Study (DSU)


The Regional Agency for the Right to University Study assures the right to study through different services such as restaurants, guidance, counselling in finding a house, the cultural initiatives addressed to all the university students (even for those who have already graduated and have enrolled at graduate studies).

Moreover, there are specific advantages for the skilled and deserving students who do not come from well-off families. Every year we publish announcements of scholarships, honour loans, contributions for the international mobility or to carry out cultural or publishing initiatives.

Announcements and forms are available on the website of DSU.


Making your choice


For those who have to make their own choice about their studies and need a guidance service, visit Punto Giovani Europa. At the notice board Istruzione (Education) you can find more information about the faculties and about the university branch of Prato. Besides, the staff is available to offer a personal guidance service.

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