Master degrees in Tuscany and other postgraduate courses


Master degrees are highly professional courses that students are able to enter after graduation.

There are many master degrees to choose: field, duration and cost are variable. Some universities offer scholarships that cover the whole amount or a part of it. The Region of Tuscany periodically publishes advertisement for the assignation of training grants.

Both the 1st level master degrees and the 2nd level master degrees are divided into two parts: the first one is basically theoretical and the last one is empirical.


Guidance on the choice


If you are looking for information about master degrees in Tuscany and/or scholarships, please contact Punto Giovani Europa. In the Education board you will find all the master ads available in Tuscany and ads of assignation of regional grants.


Information about universities in Tuscany


University of Florence


University branch of Prato


University of Siena


University branch of Arezzo


University of Pisa


Further information:

For further information please visit Punto Giovani Europa.


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