Fields of work against the Mafia

LiberArci dalle spine - Free us from the thorns


Fields of work on lands that once belonged to the boss of the main criminal organizations.Plain di Gioia Tauro, property confiscated from Piromalli, the lands formerly belonged to Brusca and Riina in Corleone and the lands in Puglia that were kept by the family Screti are some examples of summer volunteer camps organized by Libera, in collaboration with Arci.

The 'boom' of accessions was recorded in this type of holidays in contrast with those chosen by most young people. The initiative was launched in 2000 and every year there is a large number of volunteers who adheres to it.
Participants are mostly young people organized into groups, but also individuals or teachers who choose to give classes. But what do they do exactly? "In the morning, we work - says the head of Libera - mostly it comes to agricultural activities. The young people are occupied in production and sale of biological products such as pasta, flour, oil and wine. Opportunities for training and information on the issues of legality are organized in the afternoon. In the area of Marina di Gioiosa Ionica, in Calabria, volunteers are involved in the restoration of mural painting created in 1978 in memory of Rocco Gatto, who was killed in 1977 by Mafia gangs because of his "no" to the 'pizzo' (tribute) and his reports."

All the initiatives of the camps maintain a close collaboration with the local community


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Organization's website Libera*  andi ARCI's website*.


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