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ERBA magazine*
is the editorial staff of Punto Giovani Europa, the youth information centre of the Municipality of Prato. It is an online magazine about cultural information and much more, as a result of the creativity and the wish of writing expressed by budding (in erba in Italian) young journalists. It contains articles about events, reviews on cinema, theatre, music, dance, art, books, TV, festivals, particular events and curiosities. A free area to always be up to date on cultural events in Prato.


How to cooperate with us


If you would like to write articles for ERBA and to cooperate with the staff, please fill the form or send an e-mail to the address and you will be contacted as soon as possible.


Further information

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For further information:

Punto Giovani Europa
c/o Officina Giovani
Piazza dei Macelli, 4 - 59100 Prato
Telephone number: (+39) 0574 1836741


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