Educational and Training Guidance


At Punto Giovani Europa you can consult all the available material for news and information about work, education and training, leisure time and mobility in Europe.

You can easily consult all the material by yourself.

Besides, the staff will be very glad to help you and give you suggestions according to your interests and needs.


Work and training

The service provides:

  • personal guidance 
  • compilation of a Curriculum Vitae 
  • creation of a personal project of introduction to the work world or of training

Punto Giovani Europa provides guidance for the creation of a business, for financial opportunities and for local services and organizations with the aim of introduction to the work world. For further information you can consult the Punto Giovani Europa webpage about business guidance.

The Youth Information Centre of the Municipality of Prato usually arranges courses, but also provides information about free courses and guidance on public competitions, in Prato and out of the province. For further information about courses you can visit the webpage Corsi in Corso.



At Punto Giovani Europa you can find a guidance service on studying, working and volunteering abroad (European and non-European countries).

Plus "Il Punto Locale" Eurodesk provides
information about mobility youth Programs promoted by the EU and by the Council of Europe.


Servizio Civile - Civil Service

Punto Giovani Europa gathers every project of Servizio Civile in the province of Prato. You can read all the projects and choose the most suitable for your needs. For further information check on line the advertisement of the projects and visit the webpage Servizio Civile.


To arrange an appointment please contact Punto Giovani Europa.

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