At Cantieri Culturali you can...

Create your art

Cantieri Culturali is a place to invent, present and develop different kind of projects.
Events, exhibitions and music contests will be the result of working teams which want to seize the opportunity and have some fun.
Rehearsal rooms are in the process of being renovated. Once the works are completed the rooms will be available for acting companies, music and figurative arts.

Artists during a workshop
Picture by Lorenzo Giordano

Freely express your opinions and creativity

The project of Cantieri Culturali is addressed to anyone who have artistic and cultural proposals and is looking for an area and the right cooperations to carry them out. The best productions are also promoted out of the Cantieri Culturali.

Attend courses and labs

Cantieri Culturali arranges activities and workshops on artistic disciplines with high-level artists and professionals, such as Pamela Villoresi, Armando Punzo, PierLuigi Tazzi, Mimma Gallina, Massimo Barzagli, Luca Scarlini, Ernesto De Pascale, i Superflex, Marco Vichi. Would you like to partecipate? You just have to register.

Meet artists

At Cantieri Culturali it is possible to meet the artists of the field you are interested in visual arts, theatre, dance, music, literature, screenwriting, scenography, communication. You also have the opportunity to participate in a a video production, to follow the set up of an exhibition or a CD-Rom production, to learn the communication strategies and much more information about the artistic, publishing and music markets.

Learn techniques and jobs of the show business

Cantieri Culturali also provides information about the labour market, arranging courses for young people's training in specific disciplines, in order to create new job opportunities. In the last few years, for example, courses for sound technician, for the CD recording and for video editing were arranged here.

Take part in events

At Cantieri Culturali you can take part in theatrical play, dancing performances, concerts, video showing. The bigger and equipped stage is reserved for events.
The showroom hosts collective or individual shows of painting, sculpting, pictures and installations.

Suggest ideas and projects

At Cantieri Culturali you can suggest an idea or an artistic project for theatre, visual arts, music or multimedia. Suggesting a project is very easy: just pick up the form in our office or download it from the Internet.

Exchange culture and art

Cantieri Culturali arranges exchanges with other Italian and European cultural centres, such as Universities, theatres and museums.

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