Rules for the access of foreign students



Foreign students who want to access to Italian state and non-state universities and Italian state and non-state institutes of advanced training in arts and music have to follow a number of rules according to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior.


Who these rules are for


Foreign students living abroad

In case of dual citizenship, if one of them is Italian, the latter prevails (law 31st of May 1995, n.218 of the reform of the Italian system of private international law, art. 19 par. 2).


Foreign students considered EU citizens

Students considered EU citizens:

  • students from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein; 
  • from Switzerland;
  • from San Marino.

The rules also apply for political refugees and diplomats in service abroad or in Italy and their relatives.


Terms of application


The terms for the procedures of university courses are published by MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Investigation) every year.


Further information:

For further information you might want to look at the Ministry website:  *

* link only in italian

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